Professional and Experienced

Exemplary Professionals, Exceptional Services

At Romar we supply much more than basic goods. We work harder to handle any special needs the customer may require. Special coatings, unusual fabrication, out of the ordinary transportation requests, these are everyday activities at Romar. Being located near the Port of Houston, we can ship materials by barge to the customer's construction site and even meet the ship if necessary. We make every effort to insure prompt and reliable delivery. 

When you need it, you get it, we work harder to make your job easier.

In short, everything at Romar is initiated and followed through with the goal of the best and most economical product in the most reasonable time ...a practice soon discovered by any customer.

We Offer

  • New and used relay material
  • New and used frogs
  • New and used switches

Incorporated in 1982, Romar is a unique member of a significant industry. Our many years of experience in steel trading and fabricating assures buyers a consistent source of supply, certified quality standards, and realistic pricing.

Our rail division can supply a complete line of new and used relay materials for any construction need. We also stock Crane Rail in 12# through 175# with special rail clips and bolts. If a customer has an unusual fabrication request for rail or any rail product, we can handle it. Supply us with the specifications and we will do the rest.

If it is switch material you need, Romar has it. Romar stocks both new and used frogs and switch material. In order to serve your needs faster we recondition used frogs and switch points at our Houston facility. Romar can provide you with individual components or provide a complete turn-out to your specifications.